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urbanvideoscapeshanghai, 2010
performance at yan'an lu
photo by xepo w.s.

urbanvideoscapeshanghai, 2010

performance, baoshan
photo by xepo w.s.



urbanvideoscapeshanghai was originally begun as a collaborative work with the intention of recording a series of live painting performances made in various public locations around shanghai, using the city and its everyday scenes as inspiration. what resulted was a “real canvas” which, rather than being limited to the finished paintings alone, actually included the chaos, noise and “messiness” of the creative process in its final completed state.

the project is now, collectively, these seven performances of the painting works in production. the different environments range in location to include rooftops, undersides of bridges as well as crowded street markets among other unlikely places.

as the artist paints the immediate surroundings onto supported planes of glass, it is the living environment itself that unexpectedly roars to life, nearly stealing the show completely. the commentary of the watching crowds and the jarring noises from the urban landscape combine to become a work of art almost able to stand in its own right. the audience members, in their observation of the artist at work, are made all the more compelling on film due to their own obliviousness to being participants in the performance.

the final work captures, in video format, two separate creative processes working simultaneously alongside one other, as well as the vulnerabilities of artists working in two different mediums while fully exposed alongside their processes.

as a final installation, footage from the filmed performances is broadcasted at various speeds from vintage television sets situated among the mounds of brick and rubbish recovered from local construction sites. the audio is set at a deafening roar and combines the television footage - as it alternates between the street painting footage and complete static - to overwhelm the senses of viwers with the very raw, beating heart of shanghai... which is, of course, the city's endless creation/destruction process.

the resulting work is formed on the theory that the regenerative process behind art is made from two necessary and equal parts of destruction and creation: the finished work is a reflection of this endless cycle: destruction and creation: finding by becoming lost.

[kathryn gohmert + xepo w.s.]


above: urbanvideoscapeshanghai installed at stage候台Back gallery during "lost and found 轮回" group exhibition [2011] with sound by luca forcucci. photo by xepo w.s.

left: old-school technology roars performances from well-orchestrated chaos, combining with the sound of the booming urban heartbeatby luca forcucci.
right: gallerist/artist, suzanne junker, explains work and concepts to a guest. both photos by xepo w.s.

above: installation image from urbanvideoscapeshanghai, assembled by kathryn gohmert and xepo w.s., with sound courtesy of luca forcucci. photo by xepo w.s.

above: installation image from urbanvideoscapeshanghai, assembled by kathryn gohmert and xepo w.s., with sound courtesy of luca forcucci. photo by xepo w.s.

above: opening night of "lost and found 轮回" exhibition at stage候台Back gallery., featuring work by chris gill, laurent friquet, maleonn, kathryn gohmert, xepo w.s. and tang xiao wen. photo by xepo w.s.

above: urbanvideoscapeshanghai text installed in layers. photo by xepo w.s.



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